Cloud Computing Solution Stories

Rapid advancements in virtualization and distributed computing, coupled with improved high-speed internet access and economic challenges, have surged demand for cloud computing solutions. Our cloud computing services empower clients to manage hosted applications, services, and platforms in alignment with their unique business needs. As a trusted IT partner, Valorous Technologies collaborates with leading IT providers to create secure, cutting-edge computing infrastructure. Leveraging extensive local expertise, high-caliber IT knowledge, and a profound understanding of the local market, we've tailored our cloud computing solutions to meet the specific demands of the local cloud market.
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Our Cloud Computing Model Considerations

Software As a Service (SAAS)
The point of access to software running on servers is provided by SaaS, which is the most familiar form of cloud services. It helps in managing software and its deployment of third-party services.
Platform As a Service (PASS)
As with most of our cloud services, PaaS is built on top of virtualization technology. Typically, we provide a platform on which software can be developed and deployed. The work of dealing with servers and give clients an environment in which the operating system and server software.
Infrastructure As a Service (IAAS)
IaaS is self-provisioned, metered, and available on-demand, which comprises highly automated and scalable compute resources with cloud storage and network capability.
Co-Location services enable our customers to host their business-critical servers, data, applications, and telecom equipment in a highly secure, reliable, power redundant, and scalable IT environment with a dedicated cage with lock and key.

Our Cloud Computing Solutions Includes

Cloud Migration
Move existing workloads and VMs onto your new cloud platform. Remove time-consuming, repetitive, and complicated steps like moving machines with multiple virtual disks and manually copying the data across, simplifying the move to a new platform.
Create a new virtual machine in the cloud, deploy open Stack, and run tests with ease. We help you solve problems, identify fixes and back-port patches if needed. All of this can be achieved within a simple user dashboard and access to public repositories filled with the latest releases.
Each solution is comprehensive and unique to fit your requirements, resulting in improved flexibility and productivity whilst reducing overall costs and complexity. Our inventor of solution using can provide you with a tailor-made solution to meet your requirements.
Provides ultra-lean environments for your applications to function at utmost efficiency and ensures that it isn’t a drag on your business ability to deliver what your customers need with 24/7 follow-the-sun support.

We run all kinds of cloud services that vow your success